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Instead of retiring the idea of manhood (that is and would be cultural suicide), we need to rediscover, refresh, re-educate and re-implement authentic models of masculinity and manhood in the family and society.

I have heard it said that we are in the midst of a “Manhood Crisis.” The rising generation seems to be struggling to find its place. There are real issues of character, integrity, stability and identity with so many young and not so young people.

Not so long ago communities across our nation, while in no way perfect, were built on conviction, long term commitments (like marriage), values and a shared vision for a better future.

The culture wars that we have seen in recent times have been progressively introducing a new morality that seeks to undermine so much that was good. These were the very ideals and core beliefs that previously were the building blocks for great families, healthy, safe communities and even nations.

The shifting sands of society and the inaccurate concept that everything is relative, continues to have a huge impact on society, families and life in general.

There is not only a “Manhood Crisis”, it seems to me that the very notion of manhood is now continually under attack in one way or another.

With all the political correctness, gender theory, identity politics (in other words cultural insanity), you could be forgiven for becoming intimidated and tempted to “step back.”  The “Man up Challenge” exists for this very reason – to inspire men to “step up” and to get involved. After all, a healthy society is characterised by men who will fight for what is right and what is honourable. As society begins to drift from its foundations, the cracks show in the quality of male presence in the home.

The impact of misdirected manhood on society which include high levels of behavioural problems in schools, increasing domestic violence, incarceration of young men and increasing mental health issues are well documented.

It is time…


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